I'm currently (2006...) working on a translation of the Durdane trilogy for Denol.

My commission is to do a brand new translation of The Faceless Man, since the publisher considers that the existing translation is not fit even for ahulphs to read. The other two, he considers as correctly done, so I was commissioned to do a revision, i.e. do some consistency work, and spot various issues of all kinds. This takes much more time than you get paid for, in proportion. But anyway, I volunteered to do this work, since we're talking about Vance, here.

I have now completed the Faceless Man translation, and the revision of The Brave Free Men, and I've begun The Asutra. I intend to post various translation notes, remarks about the neologisms I had to transpose, and also (this is really fun) the analysis I have made of what transpositions my predecessor made (I will call the previous translator PT = Previous Translator). It's like reverse engineering, trying to guess the intellectual process PT used to coin a term. I will also, in a separate thread, mention some of the issues I've found so far in the previous translations, confusions, errors, disregard for context.

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