Weve just had an offer we cant refuseFollowing a suggestion from Mike Berro, we are offered the opportunity to ask questions to Jack. John Vance has asked his Dad, who agrees. Mind you, as John put it, Dad's answers may not be what people hope to hear, of course. !

Its great to have this opportunity, but now we must get organized So bear with me, it may be a bit tedious, but remember Dodkins Job :

When self-willed micro-units combine to form and sustain a durable macro-unit, certain freedoms of action are curtailed.
This is the basic process of Organization.
The more numerous and erratic the micro-units, the more complex must be the structure and function of the macro-unithence the more pervasive and restricting the details of Organization.
from Leslie Penton, First Principles of Organization

The idea is to be able to submit to Jack at least one question a month, no more than one a week.

Ive worked out a process, discussed with John and my colleagues. It could be made much simpler (and perhaps will, eventually) but its apparent complexity is because I hope we can have almost as much fun in submitting questions, discussing them, and electing a WOW (see below) as in getting an answer. I will open a thread so that the methodology can be discussed and constructively challenged. But Id like us to give it a try for the first round at least. Thanks.

Here goes:

Members of this Board are welcome to submit questions, as many as they want, keeping in mind that:

* The questions should be attractive to Jack, they have to interest him (otherwise, we may get a curt answer, a dismissive one, or even contemptuous silence!)
* The questions should be attractive to as many of us as possible
* The questions should not be questions that have already been asked in various interviews, or deal with a subject to which Jack has already answered in introductions or such-like. We dont want to cover old ground again.

Each submission should respect a certain format :
* Full text of the question, as it would be asked if Jack were sitting right in front of you.
* Optional (but much welcome) : expansion of what you mean by that question, what interest you find in it, any comments This will help John when the time comes for him to ask the question to his Dad.

Members of the Board are also welcome to react to other members questions :
* by giving support to a certain question (Yes! Thats a good one! I wish Id thought of it!) so that we can get a better feel of the more popular questions. After all, we also want questions that interest the Wannekers the most !
* by expanding a question, or proposing a re-phrasing.
* by pointing out, it its the case, that a certain question has already been addressed elsewhere, somehow (and then, give the answer!)

I will build up a running, growing list of the questions (posting it in a distinct thread), and check with John which questions seem to him to have the best attraction to his Dad, those where he feels his interest will be aroused. He should then be in a position, after a while, to shortlist those questions down to the 5 most interesting ones, both to Jack and to us.
Those 5 questions will be submitted to the Members in a Poll, to determine the WOW (Winner Of the Week)...
Im confident there will be no poll-cheating through the use of multiple avatars Whats the point, really But if cheating there is, lets console ourselves with the fact that, in principle, any of those 5 questions is good to ask anyway

John will then deal with the WOW question next time he sees his Dad, and will bring us back the material he has managed to pick up. If he manages to squeeze in a few more questions, all to the better! He will have a good list to pick from

Clear so far? I hope so.

For the next question: well, the submission of questions through posts is an ongoing, continuous process, so new questions will be discussed, and a fresh shortlist of 5 will eventually be established. It may contain the 4 questions previously left out in the poll, plus a new one, or there may be enough excellent new questions to displace some of the previous ones. Well see. Anyway, well have a new poll, a new WOW, a new question asked by John to Jack, and so on, and so forth

I do hope this doesnt sound tedious nor excessively constraining. Again, the submission of questions should in itself be fun enough, and rewarding: this will be achieved if there are comments to the questions. I would hope, even, that some discussion threads might get started on a specific question.

A new Forum is now opened: Questions For Jack.
I have started a thread called Question For Jack: Round 1 where you can post your submissions right away. A corresponding Poll thread will be opened later, called Question For Jack: Poll 1. I will close the threads when we move to round 2, etc