Hmmm, I think I recommend this, although I've got some reservations...

To confirm, it is an adaptation of Michael Connelly's books featuring the LA detective Harry Bosch. I know there are several fans of the books here and they might not have heard of this pilot. I only discovered it about a week ago. I think it might only be available via Amazon Film, and at the moment there seems to be just the one episode of about 50 minutes (more to be made depending on whether it is successful or not).

I definitely enjoyed it and want to find out what happens next; as you can imagine nothing much is resolved within the limited time frame, but the first glimpse of an actor playing Bosch is really disconcerting, despite the physical resemblance to the Bosch I have in my mind. It's probably inevitable: I've read ten to fifteen books with this character and he's so well written by Connelly that he's pretty firmly entrenched in my mind. Now suddenly there's an actor trying to portray him when he doesn't exactly sound or look the same; in addition the character of Harry Bosch, while being flawed and very human, is simultaneously a huge character, somehow better and with more integrity than the rest. That I was more or less won over by the end is probably testament to the actor. It's worth watching if you are a fan of the books, anyway; a lot of the other characters from the books appear, which is interesting.

A few other points: I think Connelly has had quite a bit of input in this pilot. The actual plot seems to be based on various of the Bosch books and his back story, although 'City of Bones' is perhaps the biggest influence.