I finally gave in to the march of time -- plus the fact that I often live in places where English-language books are scarce -- and got a Kindle.  I've been poking around Amazon looking for low-cost good reads and was glad to find that Elmore Leonard's old westerns are available for a few euros, including his first novel, Gunsights, that I'd never come across elsewhere.

While looking over Gunsight's customer reviews I came across a ten-year-old one from a fellow named Winskill who was wondering what he'd do once he'd read through Elmore's oeuvre.  I'd like to suggest Robert B. Parker's Hitch and Cole novels:  Appaloosa, Resolution, Brimstone, and Blue-Eyed Devil.  They combine the starkness of an old-time gunfighter tale with the looks-so-easy dialogue and characterization of Parker's Spenser and Jesse Stone novels (also recommended, especially the latter, especially including the tv movies with Tom Selleck as Stone).

I can't recommend the current continuation of the Hitch and Cole novels written by a second-rate hireling. But the original four are very fine.