Since my youth I've read thousands of works of fiction. Not many authors across those decades have produced works that age at all well. Jack Vance stands at the head of a small group. I own, or have owned, copies of all but the hardest to find writings. My copies are not worth much now because they don't rest on a shelf. All of them are well traveled and stained with whatever was on my hands as I read them at work, on vacation, or sitting on my back deck or couch. I would consider buying the VIE set except that I know I would treat them the same. My back pocket is a poor place to preserve a book, but a Vance book is a working book. Perhaps I will buy the set anyway just to get the writings that have eluded me over the years.

Jack, please accept my thanks. You have produced a body of work with no waste in it. From first to last, each part of it is still working as hard as it ever did.

W. Huntsucker
Columbia, MO