Hi Jack and John,

I am a huge fan and I have written to you in the past and was given a lovely warm reply, thanking you.
It is truly a small world!  I exclaim, because this weekend I attended a StoryBoarding seminar held
by a truly talented, remarkable and memorable individual mr David Russell.  During his Seminar he was
recounting, and lo and behold he mentioned how dear Jack Vance is to him and what warm
friends you are. well I was gobsmacked, knocked over, hit on the head with a hammer. etc. amazed.
Seriously I'm not usually a fanatic but you my dear sir have touched me deeply with your work
so I raced over in the break to impart my joy to him (probably just like an annoying fan which I sincerely try not to be)
Mr Russell was receptive, patient and understanding of my deep respect and joy.
He was very generous, and I am grateful. 
It's a small world!  and seems to be getting smaller!

Thanks again for everything