Hello Mr Vance and associates
(eg this Website and it's administrators)

Hi My Name is Ron Marc an Artist in a Video Games

I'm in my 30's and some how picked up
Planet of Adventure about 7 yrs ago, since then
I have tried to read as much of your work as I can get
my hands on.

Rereadability!!! i find myself Rereading your work.
Cugel's Saga ,Planet of Adventure, Lyonesse, star Kings
etc etc I just feel at a loss when I finish these books.
A gaping Hole is formed and is only filled when I continue
reading about Kirth or adam Reith or Cugel etc etc.

Originality and Depth!!!
Original,Deep and satisfying with just a pinch or two
of humour makes all of your work utterly spellbinding and

I Hope Life has treated you Well!
Thank you for the quality and quantity of your work.
If you must sell movie or games rights
(Only a matter of time with such Awesome content)
All I ask is think of the fans and dont let them alter
your great work.

Jack Vance you are the Best!!! and thanks
From Ron in Australia.