I must add one (category : simple confusion) I have just found while going through my notes Although it's a bit more complicated...

* Earthsea : Ged is in Low Torning, and learning a lot about the actual sailing techniques, a thing they dont bother much to teach on the Isle of Roke:

// for this skill of plain sailing had been somewhat scanted on Roke.//

This became:

// ce genre de navigation simple était un peu considéré comme un talent sacré.//

Now back to English :

//this kind of simple navigation was somewhat considered as a sacred skill.

=> I am certain that the translator read scanted (a difficult word) as sancted, therefore sanctified, and so sacred. This fails completely the TCR, because it just doesnt make sense, it's inconsistent. Why should such a practical skill be sacred in a school of wizards ?

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