Asked by Agenerak 4/8 11 :53 am

I have a few questions:

Which books did you wish was turned over to a pen of well-fed incontinent food poisoned dogs for their appalling artwork? This would be the ones that stood out in your mind from yore that truly upset you.

Also what cover(s) made you say to yourself 'they got it right! ha!' if ever?

JACKS ANSWER 15 Sept 2003 :
There was one, an Underwood book, one of the Cugel stories, absolutely appalling I built up the story to a crescendo, a surprise, a climax, but the artist gave away the surprise! Like, in the Mountains of Magnatz, the surprise was that when Cugel was going across the lake, he hooked his anchor on the nose of this giant under the water, and pulled him up.. but that was supposed to be a surprise, you know.. But the artist, he drew a big picture, showing this giant out of the water, pouncing on Cugel! No surprise! He did that on several others of his drawings; made me insane with rage...

There was one illustrator, I forget her name, she copied a picture out of a Russian book of fairy tales, sheer, bald-assed plagiarism. The picture was copied, every line, from the Russian book of fairy tales. And then, the people in the costumes, they were supposed to be costumes of the future, she made them all dressed up like Regency bucks, from 1803, or 1804, Regency clothes awful, awful, awful

(John V. prompt: Any others? Any with overly-voluptuous female figures?)

Oh, no, no. I cant think of any others, offhand.

On the other hand, the illustrations for the Dragon Masters were so excellent, so magnificent, they got me an award for the story, I couldnt have gotten the award if that guy Jack Gaughan hadnt done such magnificent illustrations.

(John V. : Was that the first edition?)

Appeared in Galaxy magazine.. theyre just magnificent illustrations, except, with one exception, which I wont go into..