Question asked by mije 21/8

dear Mr. Jack Vance

About 8 years ago we decided to call our firstborn Glawen. At that time my husband and I were reading 'the Cadwall chronicles'. We found the main character a really nice and friendly boy, with a very nice name ... Glawen Clattuc. Our oldest son was born on the 22nd of February in 1995 and we called him Glawen, it really suits him. But there's one thing I would very much like to know: It is a very special name, we never heard it anywhere. Did you make it up, does it come from your own fantasy, or does it exist? It would be nice to know if there are any other Glawen's or if our Glawen is the only one. I hope you can answer my question.

with regards
Marije Binsbergen

the Netherlands

Jacks answer:
I made the name up, so your Glawen may be the only one!

I work very hard evolving names that seem to suit the circumstances, and the personalities of the people involved. Glawen IS a good name, I like it too.. a very nice name for the person involved