Question asked by Matt Hughes 10/8 9:04 pm

Ax, you can file this for future use, perhaps. But here's what I'd like to hear about:

Why have you never, or almost never, written in the first person? Is it because it's limiting in terms of putting a story together? Or do you like to have a little distance from your point-of-view characters? Or does it just not appeal to you? Or...?

Jacks answer:
All three!
        I much prefer standing a little distance from whats going on, so I can report with a bit more freedom on the scene as a whole. If youre writing in the first person, it has certain advantages, you can report upon emotions with a lot more facility, and impact, than somebody making an exposition. But if youre good at it, by telling how somebody looks and feels, you can get the same effect.
In fact Im reading a book right now, by P.D. James, a lady writer, she does a marvelous job of talking in very far off exposition, making the emotional feelings, sorrows, and joys of her characters so real.. shes very, very good at this, works hard at it.       
But the answer to the question is, I think standing apart from the action gives you a little wider view..
I like to keep myself out of my stories, as much as possible, so nobody can say, aha.. that damn Vance, thats how he, thats his there he goes again, you know - hates dogs - ...