Question from Steve Sherman 5/8 9:05 am:
The outline for the third Joe Bain book, The Genesee Slough Murders, which will appear in Volume 44 of the VIE, treats the actual murders rather briefly, so much so that I had to reread it to find out who got killed and why.

On the other hand, some of the more incidental scenes are quite fleshed out: the trees on the waterway and the demonstrations, the pickup truck burglary, Miranda's mysterious phone companion, Joe's ongoing battles with Howard Griselda, and so on. My impression is that the finished novel would have been just as good a read as its two predecessors.

Yet it was never written. I've seen correspondence at the Mugar from the Bobbs Merrill editor, Robert Ockene, who was a great fan of the Joe Bain books and at one point wrote that he looked forward to publishing the third one.

So what happened? Why was The Genesee Slough Murders never realized?)

Jack's answer:

Bob Ockene, the editor for the first two Joe Bain books, died of leukemia. When I wrote the outline for Genesee Slough, I never did flesh it totally out; I never got the story really plotted to my satisfaction.. but for one reason or another, the new editor at Bobbs Merrill turned it back, I dont know on what basis. But I kind of gave up writing that stuff, the stories werent making any money for me, particularly .. of course nothing was making any particular money for us, in those days
I will say this: I really like Joe Bain, I like the situation, the locale, which is a blend of the sort of area in which I grew up, over the other side of the hills from the Bay Area. The locale is a kind of synthesis of several of the counties over there- its pretty authentic, the feeling of the countryside at the time I was growing up, anyway..

Question from Mike Transreal 5/8 9:59 am

And, aside from the Joe Bain novel, which projects and series would you have liked to continue, assuming editorial support?
You've mentioned in interviews, etc. over the years that you might return to your Lyonesse setting, continue with The Man from Zodiac, The Narrow Land, possibly Maske:Thaery and others. [Not too sure if JV mentioned a possible sequel tpo M:T, or if it's wishful thinking.]

Jack's answer:
I have not the slightest idea, not an ounce.. I see myself as semi-retired, although I am working on another story-