Steve Sherman 8/8 6:24 pm

In Freitzke's Turn, you refer (in a footnote) to the starmenter Yane Cargus, who raided the Convent of the Divine Prism at Blenny, on Lutus, capturing two hundred and thirty novitiates.

In Suldrun's Garden, Aillas' two most trusted confererates, with whom he escapes from the Ska, are Yane and Cargus. Did you intentionally reuse this name, divided up into two characters, or is this simply a particularly remarkable instance of long-term memory in action?


JACK: I was aware of these names, and when I had to find names for the characters in Suldruns Garden, on an impulse I used them again. I knew Id done it, but I just said to hell with it, re-used them..