Paul Penna 3/9 7:53 pm

Do you find yourself identifying with any of the characters you create? If not in full, at least with some of their traits? Alternatively, do any of your characters exhibit traits which you wish you possessed yourself, or possessed in greater degree? If so, which characters and which traits?

JACK: No, with the possible, trivial.. lets see, jocular no, lets say a playful, or Navarth always seemed a good person to model my life after..(laughs) no thats silly.. But I always thought Navarth was a jolly character.

John V.: Any traits your characters have that you wish you had?

JACK: Certainly! Bravery, women chasing me, fighting ability.. (laughs) wealth, and yes, coolness under pressure I could wish for the super-macho characteristics of some of these guys