Kilo Volt asked:
Which are your favourite jazz albums? A short list of absolute masterworks, for the interested novice, so to speak.

Jack replies:

That demands some thinking about its not as easy as it sounds; theres so much beautiful music but I could suggest the Buck Creek Jazz Band, Black Eagle Jazz Band, anything by Jack Teagarden, maybe some of the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, from the second phase, with Wingy Manone, Sidney Arodin, George Brunies.. those are perfect records. Then the Jelly Roll Morton piano sides.. the basics, nothing fancy, to get started with.
But the Black Eagles, and Buck Creek, are probably the best jazz bands that ever existed; even though theyre contemporary, theyre better in every respect than the bands the pseudo-critics like to consider, like King Oliver .. of course that was a great band, I like King Oliver, love it, appreciate it very much, but they havent achieved the complete mastery of technique, like these others Ive mentioned..
I think Beiderbecke is the greatest jazz musician that ever existed; but its hard to recommend Beiderbecke to neophytes, because you cant appreciate him until you know the music better.
To me, Jazz does not consist solely of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Bessie Smith; these are socially progressive, and - politically correct- but theres so much other music out there; for instance I could mention Benny Strickler, whos absolutely unknown to almost everybody, but he was one of the really great trumpet players; his playing is so wonderful, its not showy, its not blasting, its not show-offy, its just easy, and relaxed, gorgeous relaxed music, music music music, pure music.. Benny Strickler, no one knows who he is..

Jack added a personal invitation to Kilo Volt (I have just edited the name he used, to protect Kilo's anonymity... which is flimsy at best, though!) Jack told his son :

"You can tell K. [name edited out] , if he wants to come over to the house here, bring over a couple of steaks, fry em, you know, over here, Ill play him some good music.. If he wants to bring his wife, well have a party, well play some good music- "