Question asked by Kilo Volt 21/8 5:40 pm

Well, I got my most burning question answered already, but if no-one else posts some more questions, I'll stop being polite and throw another one in for the poll:

Most of us are aware of the fact (if that it is) that you do not hold the Big Bang theory in high esteem, even if recent observations of the cosmic background radiation and its patterns of minute fluctuations seem to speak in favour of it. What are your reasons to differ, and what do you consider a more plausible scenario?



Jacks Answer:

My reasons, for not swallowing this theory totally, at a gulp, like a salmon swallowing a piece of insect, are because as far as I can see, the thing was initiated by people trying to explain the red shift, as indicating the distance and flight of the far off galaxies; and I was extremely skeptical of using this as evidence because I felt that there were other possible reasons, for the red shift, that might not indicate the Doppler..
I dont have any alternate proposals ... [the Big Bang] just doesnt strike me as being automatically right. And I feel like now, its conventional; all the scientists go for it.. they use the background radiation as evidence
These theories change, develop, every twenty or thirty years. One hundred years from now, who knows what ideas there will be.. Somebody is finding that Newtons laws of gravity dont work everywhere the same was as they work here; they work differently in far off galaxies, for inexplicable reasons. Dark matter, nobody knows, theres no evidence for it whatever.. scientists, in a very large handed manner, it seems, want to sprinkle matter around the universe, just in order to make the galaxies respond in what they consider a proper way, to the thrust, pull of gravity. If they dont put in the dark matter, the galaxies dont act right, so they have to postulate dark matter.. I cant see that the Big Bang theory makes any more sense than any of the other theories..
Shockley liked the steady-state; he manfully held on, until everybody piled on him, made him change.. his steady-state theory had some logical discomfitures, some drawbacks, they told him that doesnt work, this theory wont fly, Shockley, you know. Well all right, if you say so, so he did.
As far as Im concerned, Im just plain skeptical.. Im not denying the existence of the Big Bang, I just think it doesnt seem particularly likely.