Aldiboronti 22 August 22, 2003 12:53 pm

The Last Castle and Dragon Masters are absolute gems. Did winning the Nebula and Hugo for these stories make any great difference to your career in terms of sales, contract negotiations, etc?

JACKS ANSWER 15 September 2003:


(John V. prompt: Never got the feeling it meant anything)


(John V.: It never got you a single thing!!)

Zilch, zilch..

(John V.: Thank you for the honor..)

No, those guys dont give a damn about that stuff, all theyre interested in is scandal, sensation.. get me in the paper, then Id sell lots of books..

Look at Phil Dick. Phil Dick, besides being an awfully clever writer, he got the credentials of being crazy- he became big there was a big clique around him.
For my taste, he was too batty, too sarcastic, too sardonic, negative.. and yet, some of his stuff was just insanely funny.. but he was not a person I could relate to, at all..

(John V. : Did you meet him?)

Oh, yeah, sure..

(John V.: Did you know him well?)

Not intimately, but fairly well..

(John V.: Did you meet him at parties, in that way?)

I dont remember, to tell you the truth.
When I first met him, he was kind of meek, quiet, I didnt think he was going anywhere then the last time I saw him, Poul and I were invited over to a party over in Marin county, by some woman, didnt serve us anything, didnt even serve wine! Anyway, Phil Dick came storming in there, crazy as a coot, didnt acknowledge either me or Poul, stomped through, stomped out, did some other things while he was there, I forget what now. That was the last time I saw him.. wearing a cape, big boots, swaggering through the difference between that guy and the guy that I first knew.. where did I meet him, at Scott Merediths office, or Anthony Bouchers house?.. this quiet, modest, little nondescript fellow.. the difference between that guy, and the guy that came stomping through that party, you know, swaggering, like a big pirate, with a big cloak, big boots, not waving a cutlass at all, but just swaggering through there.. by this time, he had his reputation.. he was on drugs, dope, crazy or something.. He was a clever son of a gun.

There was a fellow named Avram Davidson, married a women named Gronya, she divorced him, ultimately, a nice lady, we liked her.. she married Dick, and they lived, oddly enough, rented a house out in East Oakland, by some coincidence, or chance, owned by Ali Szantho...