Charles 3/8 1 :33 pm

The collection Lost Moons has a great introduction, written by Jack Vance, which may well be the best part of the book. He describes the stories as lacking the distinction of being the worst that he has written, and says that the publishers are saving these stories for another volume, The Worst of Jack Vance.

No book of this name has ever been published and no collection I have seen would unequivocally qualify as the worst. What are the stories to which he is referring?

JACKS ANSWER 15 September 2003:

Oh I dont know, just a lot of the earlier stories. There are a lot of the earlier stories I dont like, Im ashamed of. They were all pretty nave.. the first few years I was writing, the short stories I wrote I was trying to find some.. I dont know.. lets just say, my early stories Im not proud of, my earliest stories Im not proud of..