Attel 7/8 3:09 am

I would like to know if you have ever had any formal training in Anthropology and if not what resources you used if any when describing the various cultures in your stories for example The Sarkoy or The Tadousko Oi in the DEMON Prince Series!

JACKS ANSWER 15 September 2003:

No, I dont have any formal training, Ive just done a lot of reading. I read everything I can.. in fact I just finished reading a book on anthropology.
I think every intelligent person ought to be fascinated by anthropology, the surroundings, the environment. I wouldnt say Im interested in anthropology, but that Im interested in my environment; I want to know everything I can about my environment, which includes history, the world..

(John V. prompt: Your social environment? Physical environment?)

Just plain environment. Everything! Physical, social, everything. I guess I have an insatiable curiosity about everything