Forgive me for having noted these microscopic discrepancies (I'll detail them in a minute, you'll see) but that's just my anal-retentiveness, developed throughout the VIE years, and compounded by my current occupation as a translator...

If you loook at Volume 17 (hey, that's a hint for those who haven't found which text it is, yet, added to the fact that the text appeard in an "earlier" volume !) , you will notice

*that there is semi-column after "wood", not a period

* that the text contains "many-faceted" and not "many faceted" (with a hideous "double hyphenation", i.e a "break-of-line" hyphen on an already hyphenated word. I've always hated this, but have not always succeeded in convincing other parties that this was simply bad form... Never mind)

You couldn't notice the second point in the "early volume", because in that one, the composer has managed to to do the line-break on the hyphen itself.