Infinite Chun wrote:
Thanks for that, Axo - I'll get them sorted. I thought the line spacing was adjustable on the Kindle - I'm sure I read that somewhere in the help manuals while I was setting this up (I don't have an e-reader of any sort myself).

EDIT: I've sorted those typos and uploaded the corrections... some of which were rather embarrassing.

Well, I'm glad those remarks were useful. Sorry some of them were embarrassing, I hesitated about that... I'm currently reading your Horror collection and I have found a few already. I'll send them to you.

By the way, I have finally sorted out the line-spacing problem. There is indeed a way to adjust that on a Kindle, it's just that I had never needed it!

You may not have an e-reader yourself, but you can always check what your e-book looks like on your computer, using the Kindle for PC free application, for instance (I suppose there is an equivalent for Mac users).

By the way, reading your tale of the chickenlights, it seems you have a thing about slaughtering animals... Quite vivid!