I remember in the 80s and 90s when I collected. I waited months for the latest catalog from the antique book dealers, and each time hoped I would "strike gold" on some long sought after rarity, but only rarely did so. Collecting was a very outdrawn process. Today all of these rarities can be found on Ebay or ABE-books, in numerous copies. People don't seem so excited about it anymore. Collecting has lost some of its charm. Me, I think it is great, I am only happy to get done with my wantlist and have my collection complete for once, and get on with other more creative things. The Internet also led me to several surprize wonderful items, that I NEVER would have bumped into during my lifetime otherwise. So the Internet is an excellent tool, to say the least.

I wish, though, that I would have been better at handling visits to the Internet. Too much of my time has really been wasted in useless dissipation.