Knygathin says:
"Today, thanks to the Internet, this information is available to anyone....."

Thanks, internet!

I'd miss some friends here, and several more at one or two other websites I visit, particularly one devoted to traditional outdoorsmanship and classic hiking and camping stoves. I'm glad I met Jack Vance and some Vanceans, and that I've met several of those old-time outdoorsmen around the world. I'm glad I met Sir Archie Winskill, a WWII Spitfire ace and later RAF high officer, and spent several hours with him.

That's mostly what I got from the internet, and it was of value. I've also found a few old books more easily than I otherwise would have. That's about it. Having done that, I wouldn't miss it, and would not be the least unhappy to see it go away forever. But it probably won't, more's the pity.