David B Williams wrote:
Tschai requires no comment. I agree, Araminta Station is very readable, a real story, a real plot. Vance's first "big" novel, and I think he outdid himself. I may choose this as my next reading "journey."

My first suggestion did not appeal to you?

"It is a bittersweet dilemma. I often find places which urge me to tarry, and so I do, until I remember other places where I have found joys and marvels, and I am compelled again to my journey."

 It's the third Vance book I regularly return to, if only for the mead and honey-cakes, not to mention the plump roast pullet, stuffed with onions and parsley, served with fresh bread straight from the oven. That établissement is certainly one of Jack's best creations.


Ambulo, ergo sum!