Steve Sherman wrote:
I'm happy to report that I've won the bidding for this ms, though it went a lot higher--$2600--than any of us expected.

Since the online auction was to take place at 1 AM my time, I decided to make a preemptive move and entered a secret maximum bid of $4000. That resulted in my being the leader of the pack at about $500 until just a couple days before the auction, at which point somebody entered a bid that generated my automated response of $2600.

As it happened, I was in no shape to sleep the night of the auction and so followed it online. Evidently the opposing bidder was so shocked that his massive bid got topped that he gave up on the spot. After waiting about an hour and a half for this lot to become current, there was no further bidding and ten seconds later I was declared the winner.

The total price, once Heritage's cut and shipping costs are figured, will be in the vicinity of $3200, or a bit under 3000 Euros. I expect to have it in two or three weeks.

I'll report any interesting textual discoveries, either by continuing the Discussion thread Axo mentioned above or on a new one. And then we'll see just what William B. Ellern had to do with it. Who knows: maybe he wrote the whole last chapter.
Congratulations, Steve ! I'm glad you're the one who got it. Stiff price, of course, but then again, what is the value of something you really, really want ? It's priceless! Reading your post, I'm reminded of the time when I was heavily involved in eBay, bidding for Tintin/Hergé collector items... Usually, bids escalated in the final 60 seconds... I had two stopwatches to place my ligthning bid at the final moment... Lost some, won some. Very exciting. One must be wary of becoming addicted, though... I have stopped, not collecting anymore. I have over 300 objects surrounding me this very moment, no more room...

Anyway, I'm eagerly waiting for your review of the MS, and all the findings you will make, especially the ending. I just hope we didn't goof on this... :-(