Knygathin wrote:
After I had sporadically compared Big Planet differences in the magazine and the Ace double, I sold the Ace double (didn't like the cover art either) before having a look at Slaves of the Klau, and kept the magazine only. Actually, I read the Ace double version of Big Planet in full (before I knew of the truncation!), but not the magazine version, which was a mistake. *But, when I find some time again, ...* 

An Ace single was reprinted in 1967 of Big Planet.
Just back from a wonderful stay in Brittany (a great and very strict diet of pancakes, cider, oysters, mussels, muscadet sur lie and incredibly tasty fish...) Trying to catch up with the Board.

For those of you who haven't read it yet (how could this be possible), here's a link to the article I wrote about the two versions of Big Planet. This is a Word document, you can find the article itself in Cosmopolis (forgot which issue...) :

Also, you can look at this old thread:

(the link to my article no longer works, apparently. Use the Dropbox link instead)