"Actually, if you at his life, Burroughs did pretty well for himself. He sold to the best markets, and, when his stories became iconic, he took over publishing of some of them, himself, cutting out the middleman. He invested his money wisely"

Actually, Burroughs had several business shambles and failures. He did very well as a writer, but he did not always invest this money well. He usually got into difficulties when he "cut out the middle man." He messed up several movie and radio projects due to lack of experience and judgement. He always thought he knew better, when sometimes he didn't. But even in publishing his own books, he stumbled. His heirs also suffered, because his estate was not in fact always well managed. One manager just sat at his desk, cashed the checks that came in, but did little market or promote sales. He lost the copyrights on several novels through indolence or careless neglect.

But it's true, Tarzan is as iconic as Sherlock Holmes. Everyone in the world knows who he is.