Returning to the original topic and at the risk of telling you all something you already know, the website in question is that of what used to be called the Department of Special Collections at the Mugar Memorial Library on the campus of Boston University. Howard Gotlieb, who was its director for many years, died sometime in the previous decade. I was not aware that the Department had been renamed in his honor but find it entirely appropriate. I never met him myself but his staff spoke of him with reverence.

I may be the last remaining member of this Board who made use of The John Holbrook Vance Collection for the VIE. All of us were impressed by the professionalism of the staff librarians, in particular by their eagerness to be helpful as we wallowed through the mass of material. It was not always easy to maintain concentration on one's particular assignment in the face of so many fascinating documents, especially the early rejection slips predating The World Thinker, which are all that remains of Jack's first efforts at writing for publication. Quite a few editors were perceptive enough to recognize the latent talent behind the work that wasn't quite ready for prime time, and offered words of encouragement that must have motivated him to soldier on.