Glad you're back axo, it was a real effort starting these threads once a quarter!

Just started The Doomed City by Arcady & Boris Strugatsky. They wrote it in the early 70s but felt they had to hide it from the authorities until it was finally published in 1988. It's apparently about a city squeezed between a cliff and a chasm where the sun is switched off every night. Only 30 pages in but liking it so far.

Before that it was a couple of books by the French author Andre Migot, who had a serious case of wanderlust! In Tibetan Marches he travels from Hanoi up through China to Tibetan ethnic areas, into Tibet proper briefly, and then on to Peking (it was in 1946/7 and he was briefly captured by the Communists, whom he ended up thinking better of than the opposing forces.) At the end of the book, he's preparing to return to Hanoi more or less the same way!
After he's back in Paris for a few years, as related in The Lonely South, in 1952 he manages to get a placement as Doctor to the small French scientific station in the Kerguelen Islands for a year! But before he has to leave there to return to France, he's offered the role of official French Observer to the Australian mission to construct Mawson Base, their first Antarctic mainland base, almost due south of the Kerguelan archipelago in the Indian Ocean. So, altogether he's away this time for almost 16 months...
Both very enjoyable.