Here below is a part of the introduction of the book (which has 300 Pages) (dimensions 32 x 25 cm - 12,6 x 9,8 Inch)

When the project (VIE) was finished I came up with the idea to create a separate book of the art of the VIE. Apart from
the frontispiece etchings and maps, dozens of other images were made: logos, lacits, vignettes, cover designs, title and limitation pages, and a host of typographical elements. Some of these made it to the books while others decorated the VIE website or were used in related projects, but I felt that all deserved to be collected and published.
Paul Rhoads, an extraordinary artist, made almost all of the images contained herein. In creating the visible aesthetic
of the VIE, Paul contributed countless hours of his own time and great stores of materials. His dedication to the project was unsurpassed, and the artwork displayed in this volume is only a part of the role he played in the VIE's triumph. In a real sense this book is a tribute to Paul and his (art)work for the VIE.

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