I'm glad that I could help.

My e-books--I have some 5500 on my Ereader and some 30,000 on my computer--are all without DRM protection.

A lot Ebooks on my reader--especially from Jack Vance--I bought, but a very large amount are from writers from the 1920s to 1950s, and they are almost all in the "Public Domain" and are, with a little searching, free available for everyone.

I never lend books to other people--SF is not for everybody hé--but sometimes I can make people happy with some books.
And...massive distribution is of course wrong, but to give one book away, you can perhaps stimulate someone to try another writer. From my books on my reader, the halve of it I have also (bought) as a "Paper" version, so the ones that I sometimes give away is not a burden for me.

Wil Ceron
The Netherlands