Knygathin wrote:
Araminta Slim wrote:
... I never tried e-books. I love real books and so am old fashioned I guess, but so far I've resisted buying a Kindle and a pad and a cell phone and a 4K TV set. As soon as I win the MegaMillions all this will change of course. Except for the cell phone. I hate those damn things.

I bought a few e-books (to save shelf space and my eyes. I have concluded that my eyes will only last for a limited number of more books. I must be very selective, and later I will probably be forced to read on a brightly lit screen.) from Amazon for "Kindle for computors". But then Amazon updated their "Kindle for computors" program, and somehow they got into my computor and stopped my old version from working (without me having asked for an update!). And the ebooks I had bought, and payed for!, could not be accessed on my computor! To read them I was forced to download Amazon's newest version. It made me extremely disappointed, and it was a breach of integrity to force their way into my computor and stop the old program from running. If I was truly the owner of those e-books I bought, I would convert them into independent PDF files, but that is not possible.
Use the Kindle Cloud Reader instead. It is better, and does not reside on your computer.