I would agree with JoJo that he was somewhat reserved in temperament, but quite friendly. Dignified, certainly. But despite reserve he was very open to meeting fans. There are many stories from folks over the years who called him up to talk, and were invited over to the house.

I met him twice; the first at the January 2000 "Oakland work party" which took place at his house. A whole bunch were invited to the house, many stayed there, and Norma cooked a huge paella dinner for the crowd. On that occasion, Jack took time to meet with groups of 2 or 3, so everyone had a chance to talk with him.

The second time was a couple of years later, when I was in the Bay Area on business. I called the house, and was on the spot invited over for lunch. Present were John, who was working on an interesting project, Tammy, Norma, and Jack. I had a very pleasant and amiable lunch. Part of the discussion concerned a recent metallurgical article Jack had read. He was, in fact, quite interested in scientific and technical matters, despite the fact that his books do not dwell much upon them.

But he definitely did not talk like one of his characters, at all!