All of this mental pronunciation is a mere prelude, and perhaps a very long one, to actual pronunciation.

I had exactly one friend who was a Vance reader before the internet reached us all in 1999/2000. I introduced him to Vance in the 1970s, and he became an even greater reader of the master than I, at least for a time. It was he who made sure I read Lyonesse, when I had balked, at a time when I was very jaundiced about the new ubiquity of "Sword and Sorcery" stuff in the SF world. He quoted me a passage, and the (temporary) scales fell from my eyes.

We would discuss Vance now and again, at intervals. One day, he said something about Kud-jul the Clever. I was amazed. I suggested that if it was Kud-jul, it would have been spelled cudgel, like, well, a cudgel.....He disagreed. To him it was cudgel.

I never heard another Vancean word or name pronounced until I met Dan Gunter and Suan Young for a drink in the Summer of 1999, after we had connected here at the BBS, and then again, shortly after, at the January work party.

Perhaps a few of us should meet over a glass and a dish of grilled sausages and actually hear these supposed pronunciations...pronounced!