David B Williams wrote:
Having spent the winter cleaning up around the house and throwing out a lot of crap, it's really mind-boggling how much stuff we accumulate, stuff we don't really need or even really want. Recently, I've been fantasizing about living in a rented room somewhere, with just a change of clothes, a dish and a cup, and of course a laptop to interface with the rest of the world. Oh, and some bookshelves to hold the core of my Vance collection.

I've had similar feelings. My collection of books has grown and grown over the years, it's now over 150 linear metres and still accumulating, at the average rate of about 10 books per month. Sometimes the sheer mass of books around me depressed me to the point that I simply stopped to read. But I found the solution to that particular problem : the books are now banned from the living room. Whenever I want to read a book, I'll take it from the library (or from other rooms in the house) and bring it in. Same goes for the bedroom, which used to be cluttered with books. It clears the mind and let you focus on the job at hand.  

But even in this new situation I find that whenever I travel, a room in a rather shabby cheap hotel, with nothing but a bed, a shower, a small table and a chair, is sometimes more relaxing than a luxury hotel with a lot of amenities and facilities. Then a water cooker, coffee, a book and a nice view on the hills, a lake or the sea is all it takes to make me perfectly happy and relaxed.

Ambulo, ergo sum!