Matt Hughes wrote:
.... So I get it on my Kindle in thirty seconds, for less than ten bucks.

Hasn't the future turned out interesting?
I don't have a Kindle, but I can read ebooks on my computor screen. Reluctantly I must admit that those few novels I have read that way, has been a pleasant form of experience. It is easier for the eyes, and the light from the screen lifts forth the novel and helps it immediately to come alive. But I have this fixed idea, an insecurity feeling, that I need to have the real solid book in my hand (especially if it is a personal favorite), and that the digital is just a temporary illusion that may easily disappear and be lost for all time. A book is also a solid manifestation proof of the great prose therein, that can be shown to friends, be revisited, and the book satisfy the furnishing and homeliness of my snug abode, a permanent insurance of lasting created genius... unless fire burns it, or insects eat it up.

The ebook is a more immediate purely mental experience, without the distraction of the book as an artifact (however pleasant that may be), and I have very clear visual memories from those few novels I read. The ebook is also more convenient, occupies no space, and is in line with the futuristic visions of the science fiction authors. Definitely interesting.