I'm not sure which version of "Moon Pool" I read. It happened like this: I downloaded the free audio version from Gutenberg and listened to it in installments over a period of several days while driving a shuttle bus at a job. I liked parts of it but found other parts too formulaic. Perhaps it was the reader, who attempted to portray different accents, and annoyed me with his Irish one. But there was another Merritt I read many years ago that I liked very much. "Dwellers in the Mirage," I think it was. I just couldn't get into "The Ship of Ishtar." It seemed too childish at the start. Maybe I should give it another try.

"Symmetry and asymmetry are convivial. The paradox of order and chaos in simultaneous improvisation is such a challenge to hold in focus. But in that balancing, (for it is surely in infinite process and never totally balanced)--- in that conversation, -- in that music, the new enters the patterns."

~ Nora Bateson

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