I don't know how interested this board is in audiobook. But I have been collecting audio versions of Vance's work for a while. Here's what I've managed to find. It would be interesting to know if there are any more.

Commercial editions:

Lyonesse x 3 (Kevin T. Collins) Brilliance Audio 2010
The Dying Earth x 4 (Arthur Morey) Brilliance Audio 2010
Songs of the Dying Earth (Arthur Morey) Brilliance Audio 2009
The Four Johns (Mark Peckham) Blackstone Audio 2014
The Madman Theroy (Mark Peckham) Blackstone Audio 2015
A Room to Die in (Traber Burns) Blackstone Audio (2015)
The Devil on Salvation Bluff (Candace Platt) Wonder Audiobooks 2007
The Men Return & Worlds of Origin (Tim Rowe) Wonder Audiobooks 2010

Podcast editions:

When the Five Moons Rise (Sam A. Mowry) The Time Traveller Show #9
Sjambak (Gregg Margarite) Librivox
The Moon Moth (Josh Roseman) StarShipSofa

Library editions:

The Jack Vance Treasury (Mark Ashby)
Ports of Call (Mitzi Freelander)
Emphyrio (Martin Skoglund) MTM 2015
Araminta Station (Simon Vance) RNIB
Ecce and Old Earth (Chris Courtenay) RNIB (2002/2013)
The Miracle Workers (Roy Avers) from Modern Classic Short Novels of Science Fiction (G. Dozois)
The New Prime (Arthur Blake) from Robert Silverberg’s Worlds of Wonder RNIB 2004