Done before post rectangle was tapped..... Times, places, names w/o total specificity Jan. 1968 Lompoc, Ca.  Paul Linebarger had a serious qualm and so he demised. Anne Sheldon gave of herself 100%, even in the manner of her death. Maybe Lee was in on it, but its doubtful, was just her photo from 67-68, These 2 Government assets had something Jack Vance had....a specific type of humanity...they kept a good portion of their child natures unsullied like in.Showboat World  my last read, no person could write something as funny as that without some enormous gifts from the 1st Principle...and so Galactic Review, friendly kittens as opposed to puff adders...compared to every other message site this site has the finest old guys...for instance the Banks board is almost all young pinheads. No one  cares Stinkingwater Pass is from a recent Ken Kesey bio & Fiery Gizzard is from "Attorney For The Damned " the Darrow Bio....The idea being if a plot is done for the 3 longitudes/latitudes and the usage of the midpoints you get 5 points a 6th point somewhere south of the 4th midpoint going east to west is the Abode of _________ if you can stumble upon the correct math/path.....You can consult the baseline thinking of Neal S. (Anathem?) his last 2 books..relationship between math & the printed word sorta like quantum entanglement, the number and the word can be a vector analysis of Mt. St. Helen and El Chichon, the normative key is the timing, the 3rd key would have to be out of time, like the Meteor Crater, Az. vectoring these 3 locations gives truly amazing results, if you know what you're looking for.