My Jack Vance collection, apart from the VIE itself, is rather small, as most of it was lost more than 20 years ago to a cockup involving a moving and storage company. Only the Planet of Adventure omnibus, Night Lamp and Ports of Call remained. I added Lurulu for completeness.

For VIE TI work I acquired Big Planet (Startling Stories) and Maske: Thaery (Berkley Putnam hardback). The former did not survive in usable form and was given as a gift to Paul Rhoads in two pieces.

Recently I bought a copy of the first magazine appearance of Gold and Iron (Planet of the Damned, Space Stories December 1952), because I wanted Jack's original final chapter.

Having discovered during TI work on Lyonesse that the manuscripts we had--even setting copy--were not quite the author's final word, I went out and got every edition that I thought might have some bearing on the research. So I own four copies of Suldrun's Garden, two of The Green Pearl, and four of Madouc.

When the Gollancz Lyonesse came out I bought a copy, thinking it would be definitive (because based on the VIE texts) and wanting an edition I wouldn't mind loaning out. It is slightly disappointing, for reasons covered in my review and the comments of others at

I was some slight help to Andreas Irle when he published his POD edition. In return he offered to sell me a set at a generous discount. I could hardly refuse. It is a very nice edition indeed.

Finally, I decided I needed to make at least a minor gesture of support for, and so bought the complete Lyonesse for my Kindle. It is quite the best ebook I've ever seen and I recommend it without reservation.