Long time since I played any point-n-clicks, although I've got fond memories of Monkey Island and outwitting people with my swordSmokin. I like your screenshot; it's instantly recognisable as being from Durdane (with or without the caption that says 'Faceless Man'!), whether it's a 100% match with my imagination or not. To be honest I always had trouble imagining that first balloon section because of all the mechanical talk of dollys etc., which flummoxed me a bit....  I hope others on your site have similarly good taste in literature and a Durdane or other JV game is produced. I'm sure it would take a huge amount of time to recreate a whole game's worth of Vance's landscape though.

There's never been much talk of video games here and I've never really thought about the two together myself, but while the idea of a movie based on say Tschai fills me with equal amounts of anticipation and dread, a video game in the free-roaming style of Red Dead Redemption or GTA or Skyrim would be incredible... The production of a game like that is probably as unlikely as a movie release, but with video games becoming increasingly movie-like I think I would to prefer to wander around Sailmaker beach or the Avente Esplanade as Kirth Gersen in a video game than suffer through a terrible film adaptation.