I do not understand how this post could escape my attention! "Of interest to someone?" It is great stuff, and should really have been posted in the Jack Vance Discussion forum!
As written above, it not only "looks like this took an amount of work & involvement to produce," but the author also got all the details right, as far as I can see. The prices of "simple durable clothing","caravan passage" and "unskilled labor", for instance. A pity he did not mention the price of certain types of skilled labor, which is always of interest to the lone space traveller (I'm sure Tanith Lee would not have forgotten about that!).

Also, the author even mentions peoples that Jack only mentions once or twice in City of the Chasch, and then seems to have forgotten about later in the tetralogy. The Marshmen, for example, and the Greys. In short, the author must have read the whole tetralogy carefully, not once but several times. And anyone who still calls the Wankh by that name deserves to be my comrade-in-arms when visiting Tschai.

I cannot agree with sfriedli who cannot imagine the Pnume "so vampiric". To me the face looks quite horse-like and bony, which is exactly how they are described in The Pnume. The Chasch pictures look quite convincing too. Only the Dirdir I had imagined a bit more catlike.

Surely this post deserves to be somehow pointed out as important by the administrator! Don't we have a little sign for that? (and I don't mean the cow). It is essential knowledge for all Vanceans planning to visit or revisit Tschai!

Ambulo, ergo sum!