pacli wrote:
Sorry to take so long garlet but no I'm not in the UK

Not a problem. Thanks for letting me know.

As it happens, I have ordered a Kindle and for the first time looked at the Kindle store on Amazon. I had never realised 'all' JV's titles were available already!!! I would have 'Kindled-up' a long time ago, had I known. Of course, I will try to go down the route first, as I think(?) this is of most benefit financially to Jack and family, but at least there is another way for me to get them if there is a problem being in the UK.

I'm now looking forward to getting my hands on the Kindle and wonder if there is some kind of Kindle-effect that has been noted, because I can see myself buying a bucketful of books when I get it, or at least a virtual shelf-load. Apart from JV's, I'm planning on getting Emphyrio's 'The Last Free City', and, possibly embarrassingly, The Hunger Games series!!! Embarassed