Glad I could contribute any idea at all (Madman) to what is already a superlative Vance collection.

I like how the garnet red faux-leather slipcase for Cugel's Saga was quite evidently taken the same source material used for making that book's covers.  (For any who might have been unaware, reference about that slipcase's post-release production is given in The Work Of Jack Vance at catalog item A71b.)  Nevertheless, the slipcase U/M produced that I've always liked best was their 'official' first -- the light gray suede used for The Green Pearl.

You're so lucky to have a future line on so rare a resource as other 1 of 11 Lettereds.  Hmmm, I must speak with my Guardian Ghost.

JV: "I believe in Disbelief, but there is a trace of wonder."