"As it is, too many works of interest to limited communities (e.g., the work of Otis Adelbert Kline) languish and cannot be republished because the cost of reprinting them exceeds the profit that could be made from them."

From a commercial publisher's point of view, the same could be said even if the works were in public domain.

But technology is rapidly offering new solutions. The Kline estate can't expect to make much money from future sales of his works, as he becomes increasingly unknown. Therefore, someone who cared to offer a token advance, or simply proposed to share the net profits, could begin "publishing" new editions of OAK's works via Lulu or similar print-on-demand services.

The same could be said for Vance's early works. While there is still an active commercial market for his more recent novels, there may never be another commercial edition of The Five Gold Bands or Houses of Iszm, simply because they are a little old-fashioned at this point and are too short to fit the current book publishing model. But Vance fans who couldn't indulge in the VIE might well like to have a nice copy of such novels, rather than a disintegrating old paperback from 25 years ago.