Sudo Nonimus wrote:
The same thing, some people argue, might have been effected by Philip K. Dick had he been alive when The Terminator was released. Dick's story "Second Variety" is very similar to parts of it.

Philip did get some money though when his short story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? was used for Blade Runner. He even declined an offer of USD 400,000 to turn the story into a novel (more accurately, for a novelisation of the movie). But maybe he was already too ill for that, he died the same year Blade Runner was released. He was happy with the movie though, he said "it was exactly as I saw it in my dreams".

Checking the story on Wiki, I discover that Robert Mitchum was the original choice instead of Harrison Ford. He wouldn't have made a bad blade runner, but I cannot see him romancing Rachel or Priss (and I still maintain the latter is the most sexy).

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