No need to apologize for anything. I have explored this "history" page you mentioned. I'm afraid I've always found it extremely difficult to navigate in ! One can easily get lost in which version is compared to which...
I agree that, after a quick browsing, interventions seem to be rather pointed in the same direction... But regardless, my suggestion remains, with the unbiased approach I have, hopefully, clarified.

I have no fear that my post may have initiated new vocations or encouraged anyone ! Surely, people who navigate across the web already know about Wikipedia and how easy it is to interfere with articles.

My "informant" may have been "mistaken" indeed, or "misguided", or may have a personal interpretation of "facts" that would differ from yours or mine. As I gain in years, I find renewed amazement at how "facts" have "multiple dimensions", using a phrase Jack loves to use... I read several newspapers on a regular basis, french and not french, and of course I visit the Web a lot, and those are the sources of my constant amazement ! Everyone (including me) wears a specific pair of glasses through which colours, forms and shapes are more or less distorted. I personally try to clean them and renew them as often as possible.