Sudo Nonimus wrote:
This is the only thing by Dagerman I've read, and I don't like it much.
Strange how tastes can differ. It's my absolute Dagerman favorite. From the very beginning, one knows what is going to happen, and yet the action proceeds with all the inevitability of a Greek tragedy. And that with the simplest of words, like Wolfgang Borchert's Das Brot. I seem to recall that my Swedish teacher told me that the story, with its implicit message, was on the curriculum of the school where he taught, so that's perhaps why so many Swedes don't like it. It's never amusing to be told how to behave, although your compatriots don't seem to have a problem with that under certain circumstances. From my early days in Sweden I recall a TV programme that instructed you how to do the laundry and iron shirts.

My original link to the story seems to have broken down, here's a better one : dagerman

I don't like the Skarsgaard adaptation at all. It has absolutely none of the qualities of the Dagerman story. Showing the dead child as the first shot is a mistake, there were better solutions to suggest that. Even the colour of the car is wrong. How very sab.

And yes, now that the Goat has been burnt (there) and the Darkness has been conquered, days are getting longer again. Happy Holidays to all members, visitors and occasional lurkers.

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