Dear Halsey
I have no Spanish; I have not found in myself the courage, nor the temerity, to essay the study of that tongue while living in among my own people in a mostly English-speaking country (New Zealand). Therefore I have little meaningful to say about the phrases of JLB; it is the content, the meaning of those phrases which, more or less faithfully translated, I studied 'long and hard'. Plainly, I have been an intellectual snob.

JLB, in phrases such as that which you have highlighted for my attention, played a role in teaching me that there is more to life than intellectual escapism. For me, life among my fellows has been a struggle for acceptance, and I feel on re-reading the indicated phrase a resonance with both the loneliness of one (myself) who is perceived as 'different' and the ultimately cleansing, sobbing honesty of the rejected suitor.

Thus it is JLB's humanity which has retained my interest; without which I should have left long ago.