pecooper wrote:
Matt Hughes wrote:
But I bounced off Eddison back in the Lin Carter Ballantine Fantasy days. Awful stuff.
Hmn. Beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder. I first bought The Worm Ouroboros with funds saved from my school lunch money. I wanted it because it looked an awful lot like Lord of the Rings and was from the same publisher. I was a bit take aback when I started to read it, I have to admit, but this was my lunch money after all, so I persevered. I got 30 or 40 pages in, and it clicked for me. I understood what Eddison was trying to say and why he chose to say it this way and was enthralled. Some things in the book still stick with me like the three cursed armies in the wasteland, each a day's march behind the others, doomed to chase each other for eternity.

The book impressed me enough that I've reread it a number of times. I have to admit, though, that I never could get into the Mistress of Mistresses trilogy.

For what it's worth, reading through until you get it has many applications. Matt Hughes writes in a style very close to that of Jack Vance, but when I start one of his novels, I am aware that it is close but not identical, which I find vaguely irritating. I always persevere, though, and about 10 or 20 pages in it clicks for me and I find myself delighted with what I'm reading.

Good to know about The Worm Ouroboros, i have an unread copy of it.

I sampled it before just to try its style, the prose is different to say the least it took me like 10 minutes to read the first page, getting stuck on the writing style :P

I of course know Eddison' classic status, i have read harder fantasy stuff to get into like Peake and co. I will give it a fair chance when I'm not reading anything else and see if i can get into the state when a book clicks for you.